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Hays county Texas officials head many departments which provide the public with official documents, government information and records. While policies can vary from county to county, the law is clear as the to the individual's right to access and obtain public records without unreasonable costs and response time. Counties across Texas receive of a large number of the public's record requests as it is often the original recorder and provider of records and information collected. Find police reports and criminal records from the Hays County sheriff. Find information about Hays County vehicle titles, transfers, liens, lost titles, and voter registration and election results. Obtain information about Hays County school districts, libraries, visitors, relocation, and county population.


Hays County Courts
Search Hays County 22nd, 207th, 274th and 428th Districts criminal court records. Obtain information about where to file bankruptcy in Hays County. Obtain county adult and juvenile probation information and information concerning the jury process in Hays County.


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